• Car design of a silhouette

Car Design: The Cutting Edge

14. April 2021|

Constant innovation is the essence of design, and the latest developments in the automotive industry bear witness to this. In our latest article, we explore four cutting-edge developments in automotive design and how they will reshape the industry. Keep reading if you want to discover the most impactful trends in modern car design.

VR modeling – These are the benefits

31. March 2021|

There might be no other technology now that fits into design as well as Virtual Reality (VR) and VR modeling. The technology is not new but has evolved immensely in the past years.

  • A man with vr glasses

Did Facebook just disqualify Oculus for B2B?

19. August 2020|

Oculus, the VR device manufacturer owned by Facebook, announced yesterday that they will phase out existing Oculus accounts, in a process starting from October 2020 and ending on January 1st 2023.

  • Car Design – Virtually Anywhere

Car Design – Virtually Anywhere

7. April 2020|

At the moment we see how fragile traditional processes can be during globally disrupting events. It is time to digitize the automotive design workflow while keeping sensitive data secure.

  • Logitech VR Ink Integration

Logitech VR Ink Integration

27. March 2020|

Logitech has introduced a new tool to offer control and precision across 2D and 3D design. VR Ink Pilot Edition is a simple-to-use stylus for enterprise users, that pushes the boundaries of what “drawing” means.

  • flyingshapes for 3D Modelers

flyingshapes for 3D Modelers

18. October 2019|

With flyingshapes it’s as easy as putting on a VR headset and picking up the VR controllers to get your 3D design started. Ditch your mouse, keyboard and 2D screen, and enter a fully immersive world for more accurate 3D design.

  • Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, United States

flyingshapes for Architects

18. October 2019|

Whether you find inspiration from the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Zaha Hadid’s Galaxy SOHO in Beijing, or have your own design envisioned for the next blobitecture masterpiece, freeform modeling has never been easier for architects with flyingshapes.

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