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flyingshapes brings CAD to VR. Design industry grade 3D objects as if they were right in front of you.

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flyingshapes is the CAD software for Virtual Reality

Real world objects are not meant to be designed on a flat screen. The designer gets disconnected from the process of finding the true form when 3D objects are designed on a 2D screen.

Thanks to our virtual-reality-first CAD solution, building your 3D models becomes an entirely new experience.

Flyingshapes introduces a workflow for industry professionals in which you can see and handle your 3D object as if it were right in front of you. Our software takes the visual experience of a VR headset and lets you manipulate your design by moving the controllers in your hands.

The perfect tool for industrial design and transportation design

The intuitive user experience of flyingshapes has been developed for professional designers of industrial objects, products and vehicles. This CAD application is especially tailored to the process of concept modeling and form finding.

You can start with a simple sketch in the VR space right in front of you. Then add lines, curves and surfaces as if you were building something in the real world. Like a potter you shape your design by pushing here, pulling there, turning your object or leaning over it to see it from your preferred angle.

You will be able to design every object, from espresso machines over to cars over to skyscrapers, simply by drawing in the VR space. You will be able to collaborate with the members of your team via cloud and share your design objects with people from all over the world and jointly work on them. You will be able to export industry-grade 3D-models to standard formats such as STEP, STL and others. Thus, using a 3D printer to print your newly designed objects becomes very simple.

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Start with a sketch, use your hands to shape your visions.
Create industry grade 3D models with our intuitive spline tools.
Invite your customers to a spacial experience of the product.
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