flyingshapes teams up with Logitech to bring a completely new workflow to the table

Logitech has introduced a new tool to offer control and precision across 2D and 3D design. VR Ink Pilot Edition is a simple-to-use stylus for enterprise users, that pushes the boundaries of what “drawing” means.

Logitech VR Ink Integration

Logitech VR Ink Integration

With new features available in flyingshapes now, VR Ink enables design professionals to fluently transition between two-dimensional sketching and three-dimensional modeling on the fly. This cooperation opens up a completely unique creative process.

How VR Ink works with flyingshapes

Using flyingshapes with Logitech VR Ink

The “virtual tablet” in the VR environment.

Even with its first-generation version, VR Ink offers very precise control over the 3D sketches and surface models you create with flyingshapes. The handling of the device is straightforward – if you have ever used a pencil before you know how to wield this mighty weapon. Combined with flyingshapes it’s full potential is unleashed.

We developed a “virtual tablet” feature specifically for VR Ink: You can now create a two-dimensonal drawing area in flyingshapes that is aligned with the surface of your desk. This emulates a professional pen display in virtual space.

Simply draw a virtual canvas on your desktop and enter a new kind of workflow.

Simply draw a virtual canvas on your desktop and enter a new kind of workflow. With this software version of a drawing tablet – which can be as small or big as you like – you can then kick off your project by sketching 2D lines on your desktop with VR Ink in a highly intuitive manner.

An amplified version of your sketch will be displayed in the VR environment in front of you and you can then choose to expand your design on the 2D “tablet”, in 3D space or by going back and forth between these options.

Chair modeled in flyingshapes with Logitech VR Ink

Unfold your 2D sketches to impressive 3D models.

»This workflow enables traditional artists to easily add another dimension to their creations, using a familiar tool with zero additional training.«

These new software features in flyingshapes make VR Ink a great tool for 2D artists to explore the possibilities of 3D modeling in a way they are already used to work. It makes the transition very intuitive so that anybody can learn it in a very short time.

Logitech VR Ink Pilot Edition is now available for pre-order at Logitech’s website and its current version works with HTC Vive and Varjo headsets.

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