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Latest News and Articles

  • Tape drawing with four stripes.

Tape drawing – The language of tape in car design

29. September 2021|

Tape drawing is considered the medium of choice in the automotive design world. But how does this tool fit in environments that are embracing digital transformation? This crucial question concerns many design managers, so we invite you to explore the answer by reading this article.

  • The design classic vespa scooter.

Five design classics and how they can inspire your work

18. August 2021|

Inspiration and motivation are important for professionals in the creative sector, especially in competitive corporate positions where these aspects take second place. If you feel that you could do with some fresh inspiration, we invite you to take a look at five inspirational design classics.

  • Two designers work collaboratively on a design concept.

How collaborative design can boost your creativity

4. August 2021|

Collaboration is a catalyst for creative endeavors. Investing in collaborative systems and tools can greatly benefit designers and the organizations they work for. This article describes those benefits and suggests ways to move towards a more plural approach to design.

  • A 3d design of a car.

A guide to 3D design and modeling

21. July 2021|

Cutting-edge design requires vision and the ability to adapt to change. What does this mean for 3D design and modeling? In this blog post, we offer a fresh perspective into the processes and tools that can yield optimal design results.

  • Concept design of a car on paper

Concept design: How immersive technologies started a revolution

7. July 2021|

As every designer knows, concept design is a critical stage in product development. But despite their importance, the early stages of design are riddled with problems. In this post we explore what’s at the root of these issues and which are the concept design tools that can enable the true potential of design as a discipline.

  • A designer doing clay modeling.

Why designing in VR is better than clay modeling

23. June 2021|

Hyundai Motors has used VR technology to digitize its commercial-vehicle design, and Ford designers working from home have collaborated on new vehicles in a virtual design studio as clay modeling was impossible.

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