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  • Flying shapes in motion isolated on white background. Spheres, torus, tubes, cones in metallic blue and pink colors.

2022 Design Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

26. January 2022|

Design is time- and context-specific. This is why social and economic trends are often the source of inspiration for new products, services, and user experiences. In today’s post, we look at the key design trends that are likely to impact the design industry, with a special focus on automotive design.

  • Virtual Reality 3D Model Prototype of Electric Car Chassis

Using virtual reality to enhance industrial product design

14. January 2022|

Successful product design requires strategic vision, accurate research, and technical skill. This fascinating discipline is ripe for modernization. Keep reading to find out where the transformation is coming from and what the benefits are.

  • classic retro vintage blue car

A brief history of automotive design: Where are we today?

22. December 2021|

Design has always played an integral role in the automotive industry; sometimes as an artistic endeavor, sometimes as a functional consideration, and sometimes as a happy medium between both. In this article we dive into the history of automotive design to see how the discipline has evolved and what changes we can expect from the future.

  • Multiple design managers perform design curation.

Curation of design concepts: How to solve workflow problems

10. November 2021|

Design concepts are very much alive: they’re born, they grow, and they mature, becoming the best possible version of themselves. All this happens in the context of curation, but how exactly can design managers streamline the curation of design concepts for a faster and more efficient workflow?

  • Abstract illustration of industry 4.0 design principles.

Industry 4.0 design: What does it mean for my design workflow?

27. October 2021|

The topic of technological transformation has become hyper-relevant, and more so in disciplines that are inherently future-forward, such as design. If you’re a design professional with managerial responsibilities, you’ll want to know how Industry 4.0 will impact the design workflow and how to make the most of it.

  • 3D rendering of a car

3D rendering: Stop wasting your time during the design process

13. October 2021|

A strong desire for a nimble and efficient design process is something that most design professionals have in common. Making this happen involves critically examining every stage of the process and its overall utility. In this article, we evaluate 3D rendering and examine how virtual reality can become a turning point in this aspect of design.

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