flyingshapes solves inefficiencies in the design process by reducing time-consuming iteration cycles, from the initial concept, to the CAD model and through to the final prototype. Integrate flyingshapes into your workflow in the early stages of design to sketch and refine concept models and prototypes.

Starting with an initial concept or idea, you can create a rough 3D sketch, then add lines, curves and surfaces to refine your model within a virtual design studio. Tools for positioning and measurement ensure precision and accuracy, while parametric tools manage quality for high-end surface modeling. Review and collaboration tools allow teams and individuals to view, interact and modify models in real time within an immersive virtual workspace. Once complete, you can export your model into other CAD tools or 3D printers for subsequent processing. flyingshapes is an all-in-one solution for developing detailed visual prototypes with pinpoint accuracy.

How is flyingshapes different from other VR design tools?
Can I use flyingshapes alongside industry standard CAD applications?