flyingshapes is one of the first and only tools targeted exclusively at professional industrial designers that supports industry-grade real-time CAD surface modeling in VR.

flyingshapes features industry-grade CAD tools for manipulating planes, shapes and surfaces to develop high-end 3D models for use in professional design workflows. It offers a robust toolset for precision and accuracy when developing 3D geometry, starting with an initial 3D sketch that can be refined with surface modeling techniques into a final 3D model.

The virtual design studio allows designers to sketch, model and review 3D objects directly in a fully immersive 360-degree workspace. Additionally, collaboration tools allow multiple users to create, modify, and review work in real time.

flyingshapes supports industry-grade file formats for importing and exporting models from other CAD tools and 3D printers.

How is flyingshapes different from traditional CAD applications?
How can I integrate flyingshapes into my workflow?