A smooth workflow without interruptions and delays: When developing flyingshapes, we have considered everything you need for a seamless and highly efficient design process. And what you see is what you get. We don’t make empty promises.

Create or curate? In flyingshapes, you can do both

flyingshapes enables all workflows of a design studio in one software. No need to swap between different softwares for visualization and rendering! flyingshapes makes your design process fully digital and remote. For substantially more efficiency and less time spent!


flyingshapes feature sketching


Start building up your design by scribbling down first ideas. Your scribbles are already three dimensional and allow for assessment of your design. You can seamlessly extend your sketching to become a wireframe.

flyingshapes feature wireframe


Based on your scribbles, you start building the precise outline of your shape in a wireframe. This serves as a basis for surfacing and further evaluation of your wireframe model from all sides.

flyingshapes feature surfacing


Tape just like in real life; modify and export your tape easily.

flyingshapes feature cooperation


Invite your colleagues, clients or managers to review your model and discuss changes or implement them right away – fully remote.


flyingshapes feature 1-1-review


Review your model quickly and efficiently with other people.

flyingshapes feature group-review


Discuss models online with the whole team.

flyingshapes feature taping


Tape just like in real life; modify and export your tape easily.

flyingshapes feature voice-memo


Leave feedback by spatial voice memos for maximum clarity.

flyingshapes feature visualization


Simulate different lighting conditions and sceneries to get a better idea of your model in real life.

flyingshapes feature live-changes


Create variants or change models in real time – all in one software.


We created a maximum-security environment

  • All connections are fully encrypted
  • No connection, no data: No data is left locally after the server and client are disconnected.
  • Server installation: keep all your data securely on your enterprise server and have your staff connect via an encrypted connection.
  • Seamless integration: Remote and on-site design work hand in hand; with maximum security for highly sensitive data.

Take your design workflow to the next level

Take advantage of our highly efficient workflow or create your own customized workflow in our flexible software. Get your flyingshapes license now or test the software 30 days for free!

If you have any questions, feel free to have a look at our FAQ or contact us.