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for 3D Modelers

18 October 2019
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Sketch, model and review industry-grade 3D models with flyingshapes°, our new VR CAD application available today for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

With flyingshapes° it’s as easy as putting on a VR headset and picking up the VR controllers to get your 3D design started. Ditch your mouse, keyboard and 2D screen, and enter a fully immersive world for more accurate 3D design. 

With our innovative VR CAD workflow, you can create a 3D sketch of any concept within a fully immersive virtual environment, then expand your design into a detailed CAD model with precise lines, curves and surfaces. 

With flyingshapes°, modeling is intuitive. With the two VR controllers you can use hand gestures to shape and mold your design as if it’s a physical object right in front of you. Drawing and modeling in our VR workspace speeds up the form-finding process significantly, in comparison to traditional CAD software. Tools for precise 3D sketching, curves and lines, surface building, taping, measurement and positioning aids help refine your model with exact precision. Using top GPUs and the power of real-time rendering, your model will update live to show each adjustment. 

Your flyingshapes° workspace is a fully immersive virtual design studio that allows you to view, manipulate and interact with your model in a 360-degree environment. Within the virtual design studio, you can even walk around your physical model to view it from any angle while it’s fixed in space. The design creation and spatial experience become completely intertwined. You can therefore save time, money and resources otherwise spent on building physical models. 

flyingshapes° is fully compatible for integration with any CAD workflow. Once your model is complete, you can export in STL for 3D printing or in STEP or IGES industry-grade file formats for use in other CAD applications.

flyingshapes° was developed with the specific needs of industrial designers in mind, targeted at helping teams save time, money and resources while creating prototypes during early stages of design. Whether you’re designing the car of the future, the next ergonomic desk chair, or an innovative new medical device, flyingshapes° is your first stop for sketching, modeling and refining concept models and prototypes. 

Contact our sales team to learn more about our recommended workflow for CAD modelers and get a live demo.

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